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Property 365

Property 365 is an Integrated Workplace Management System, which is made up of Real Estate Management, Asset & Maintenance Management, Space and Workplace Management and Sustainability Management. The benefits of IWMS, as well as explaining the most important differences between IWMS, CAFM and FMIS. It’s also covers the evolution of these systems in terms of standardisation, integration capabilities, workflow orientation, CAD, BIM, IoT, ERP, CRM and HR connectivity. This solution can be used in industries like real estate, hospitality, manufacturing, and logistics.


Property 365 provide better planning platform, chain integration and monitoring

Property365 can help you to:
  • Increase workplace productivity and cost efficiency
  • Implement efficient space management and innovative workplace strategies
  • Collect assets and maintenance data in one central database
  • Easily integrate with other third-party business applications including ERP, CRM, HRM, etc

Make Work Easier
Engineers and teams can insight into the planned work with vital information like applicable asset on the field and instruction manual via the BIM viewer in engineers’ table. Make the jobs able to ranked by time and priority for engineers have more flexibilities

Technicians can view the planned job and required materials via apps and prepare the items in advance departure and sign-off on the apps upon work completion

Eliminate Risk and Provide Compliance Advice
Mobile solution support engineer to perform health and safety checks and dynamic risk assessments to ensure full compliance with local legislation and to reduce any risk involved