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Jet Reports

Fast, Flexible Financial and Business Reporting Inside of Excel

Jet report is a financial and business reporting solution, which can be used by you to get your operation data in whatever format you required. By using Jet reports, you can reduce report errors, cut programming costs and make use of your existing skillsets to access and pull data directly in to Excel. Apart from that, you and your team will be able to open, view and share financial and operational reports from anywhere through Excel online or by Jet hub. No more copying, pasting, and manual exporting will be required.



provide a simple way to create the business analytics service, improving efficiency


Manual Processing is Time Consuming
In order to increase effectiveness and productivity, Jet report allows you to save your precious time and resources, by reducing time for copying and pasting to compile the information you required.

Humans are Inherently Error Prone
No one is perfect, but your data should be. Jet report help your business become more successful by reducing costs made by inaccurate imports.

Not Everyone is a Technical Guru
Jet reports helps your team member to make right decisions by providing simple reports.

Eliminate Errors
Generate accurate financial reports in the formats that you are familiar with. It pulls the most updated data you from your Microsoft Dynamics 365 database.

Cut Reporting Time and Costs
Jet report cuts reporting time and costs by providing you an environment where hard-coding or programming skills are not required for your team to explore data and create or modify reports on their own. In addition, you can make data-driven decisions faster as you will not be required to wait for consultants or IT departments to get you the reports you need.

Always Have the Answers
Jet report allow you to get real-time and accurate business information via Web or from a mobile device. Hence, through Jet Report you can make your decisions from anywhere and anytime.

Never Second Guess a Report Again
Jet report can increase your productivity by providing you a publishing platform where you can manage, collaborate and automate reports. Hence, your team will be able to quickly make right decisions by looking at the right information.