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SharePoint is a Microsoft tool, which allows organizations to manage their documents in one central platform. It also organizations to increase employee engagement through its intranet and social network capabilities. Moreover, it can also be used for file hosting or creating custom web applications. It’s uses varies from organization to organization. Detailed explanation of its common uses is listed below:


Provide intranet platform for organization to share document and video to improve performance.


Enterprise Content and Document Management
SharePoint is a platform which allows organizations to manage their enterprise contents and documents. It allows organizations to archive, search, store, retrieve, report and manage electronic documents and records. In addition, SharePoint can easily integrate with Microsoft Office and Microsoft Windows, which allows teams in organizations to collaborate and edit documents in real-time. Hence, it can be used by organizations to replace their existing corporate file servers.

Intranet and Social Network
SharePoint is an intranet communication tool, which provides a central platform for organizations to access their enterprise information and applications. It can be used by organizations to increase their employee engagement, reduce new employees on-boarding costs and provide a platform for employees to share their knowledge and experiences.

File Hosting Service
SharePoint can also be used as a File Host Server, it allows the synchronization and storage of employee’s personal documents on OneDrive for Business. As well as, it allows the sharing of public/private documents. Its capability can be compared to well-known services like Dropbox or Box.

Custom Web Applications
SharePoint is commonly used by organizations to build their Web Applications. Web Applications are like another website within the primary SharePoint website. It allows them to upload their company documents, contact information, calendars and programs on it. Users can use SharePoint Web Applications to edit, access, upload and download files to and from the internet. SharePoint Web Applications allow developers to integrate with various corporate data sources and directories via industry standards like REST/OData/OAuth and more. SharePoint also has its own app store which has external applications for organizations to use for managing to access resources like corporate document and user data.