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Dynamics 365 Commerce personalizes customer engagement and insightful shopping experience across physical and digital channels also unifies all the channels with back-office operations to increase employee productivity.

Streamline and optimize your retail operations
Provide an accurate view of inventory by centrally tracking product information, categories, assortment, and pricing. Combine with advanced analytics and AI support, providing an accurate forecast and recommendation on the inventory and customer demand.

Manage Sales and Promotion in one Platform
Create and manage sales promotions across all channels, organized by store, catalog, or customer affiliation with accurate, real-time omnichannel sales and cost data. Support the decision-making with actionable insights provided by machine learning AI-driven recommendations from historical sales and purchase data.

Build loyalty and exceed expectations
See a comprehensive view of each customer on a unified commerce platform, respond to their needs at every level of engagement, and foster lasting relationships through intelligent tools that strengthen your brand.