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Human Resource

Use Microsoft Dynamics 365 Human Resource to tailor your hiring experience and easily create compelling job descriptions which can be posted on company career pages or other recruitment sites. You can also use it to connect with LinkedIn and access candidate profiles, which can help recruiters and hiring managers to speed up the recruitment process by screening and shortlisting those candidates which are right fit for their corporation. Furthermore, it can help you to simplify interviews by improving your time-to-hire and streamlining the entire interview cycle. In addition, it can help HR professionals, recruiters and hiring managers to accelerate offer acceptance by making use of configurable templates, workflows and approval processes to create compelling offers.

Create a connected employee experience
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Human Resource allows HR professionals to input personalized onboarding guides and step-by-step checklists for their new onboarding colleagues. In addition, it can be used as a central platform for their new employee to obtain company information, organization charts, training materials and tips for navigating different departments. It can also be used to share information about local attractions, transportation options and important contact numbers. Moreover, it allows employees from different teams to collaborate, contribute resources and add tasks to the onboarding guides, so that their new colleagues can smoothly and quickly adjust to his/her new role.

Set up employees for success
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Human Resource allows HR specialists to adjust benefits and publish latest guidelines when required. As well as, it allows them to modify compensations individually or in mass and test it in sandbox environment first before getting approval, afterwards it can be published to the production environment. In addition, it can help to simplify leave and absence reporting, by providing a platform with detailed rules and guidelines on leave and absence, and as well as an easy entry system with optional calendar support for applying and approving leaves.