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NGO365 is a community service management system designed to fulfil NGO’s specific regulatory requirements. The solution comes with customized front end works in calendar mode with Dynamics 365 Business Central as core operation unit. System supports multi-centre access to system information with real time updated records. NGO365 also allows setting different access rights to employees and unit to strengthen protection on sensitive information.

Event Management
Sign up for multiple events at the same time

  • Support online payment, can be used with smart card
  • Different charging methods: discount/per-time charges/monthly charges
  • Mobile app: support online/offline roll call, and synchronize roll call records after the event

Project Management

  • Service plan: service objects, plan goals, concepts, etc.
  • Service content: team, case (visit, service, treatment, evaluation, etc.)
  • Service report: performance indicators, target achievement level
  • Establish milestones, financial and personnel budgets, etc.

Case Management

  • Customized case management cycle
  • Allow multiple review/acting review of cases
  • Service evaluation/meeting/referral record
  • File upload

Membership relationship management

  • Support multiple membership relationships, multiple identities,
  • Keep complete membership records across
  • Custom membership and fees

Statistical Analysis

  • Export reports that meet SWD requirements
  • Provide real-time data
  • According the user permissions to view the data
  • Export data based on the cut-off date/fiscal year/ Project/fund management/donation

Receipt Management

  • Consolidate all receipts: membership fee / event registration fee / borrowing fee, etc.
  • Reprint/reissue receipt
  • Export to Excel