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Field Service

Microsoft Dynamic 365 for Field Service can help to make life easier for your technicians by helping them to predict, detect, troubleshoot and resolve issues. Apart from that, it also allows you to monitor your technicians' work schedule, which can help you to make the best use of your technician’s time.

Intelligently schedule resources
Deliver exceptional onsite customer experiences by dispatching the right technician to the appropriate customer using AI-enabled scheduling recommendations and manual, semi-automated, or fully automated scheduling. The operator only needs to is drag and drop the schedule board or use the map to assign the technician. The system also will provide the specific client history photos, videos, and voice notes inside the mobile app. Ensure the technician have up-to-date information to perform.


Delivery effective service
Build customer trust and loyalty in just one approach. Giving technicians sufficient information to prepare the tool, spare parts, or service that technicians need to resolve customer problems. In addition, the system also supports various methods to consult the expert in real-time to solve the problem in faster ways.